Are you ready to grow your professional image and leadership style to attract more opportunities?

If you’re tired of being constantly overlooked for leadership roles that you know you are more than capable of achieving and more than qualified for, then building a powerful personal brand and professional image is something you need in your leadership toolkit.

Why?  Because, it can be easy to feel stuck in your business or career when you’ve spent years working hard to become highly qualified and an expert in your field, but you just aren’t being recognised or noticed as a leader in your industry. 

And so like many other women in business, your motivation wanes and you become disillusioned and frustrated.  Because, you feel like you’re doing everything you can to be noticed by the right people, but you’re just not achieving the greater success you desire.

So here’s how to get started 

  1. Decide to GET OVER IT! (Your fears and frustrations!)
  2. And then… decide to GET SMART about it! By developing a unique personal brand that will pave a pathway to success!

Resource: Craft A Leadership Style That Gets You Noticed.


Because it doesn’t matter if you are a top female executive, small business owner or female entrepreneur, you can make a conscious decision to shift and disrupt your status quo.  

Start by creating conscious leadership and brand strategies to re-FOCUS… and decide right now to take control of your own unique personal brand and leadership development.. 

However, as top female business coach, I have learned that for most people this is something that is often easier said than done!

But I can honestly say that the shift happened for me in my own life and career the moment I decided to stop wishing, wanting and dreaming and start to shape my personal brand and leadership capabilities deliberately and strategically. 

In a way that fully honoured and valued who I was (my journey and story), l who I am (what I stand for) and who I want to be! (my professional image, leadership goals and my vision for success)

And that’s when the magic happened!

As my confidence grew in my value to better honour myself and help others, those around me started to better value and honour me too! 

By taking control of my unique personal brand, in the process, I stepped into my full personal and professional power as a female leader. And the best part was, my courage and confidence to lead grew.  I felt more enlightened and empowered to reach higher and set bigger, more challenging career, life and leadership goals.

So, the first step to greater recognition as a leader and success in your life and business is to nurture a ‘growth and success mindset’.  It is the secret of every great leader and YOU are no different!

Leadership today is not about your title or position; it is about how you positively influence others and inspire them to be their best. 

In fact, great leadership starts with you!  

And, by adopting a success mindset and a belief that you can be the leader you want to be.  A leader who is confident to go above and beyond, is decisive, passionate about what you do and motivated from within to achieve success.   

So get ready to take control of your leadership style, to make a greater impact, and empower others to live and lead their full potential too!

In today’s video I share my top tips to growing your  professional image:


Here’s what you’ll discover:

1. How getting clear on your leadership goals  is key to taking your career to the next level. 

2. How your confidence will set you apart from your competitors and other female leaders in your niche market of industry.

3. Why your professional image, leadership style and presence affects the way other people perceive you (and you perceive yourself) as a leader.

4. Why it’s important to network and connect with other industry leaders and women of influence to grow your personal brand and professional image.(and how to do it).

5. How every word has an impact and can make a difference to your leadership voice.  Learn how to create a leadership language that will elevate how people perceive you as a leader.

6. How the fastest way to grow your authority and build a powerful personal brand, is to have the courage to publish, post and share  your own thought leadership and ideas in blogs, articles and social media.

7. Why every professional woman ,business owner and female entrepreneur must get serious about incorporating an action plan to elevate their leadership style and professional image as part of their plan for success

And remember you do not need to do this alone.  You can seek support and guidance from a personal branding expert, business coach or image consultant you trust.  

They can help you gain clarity around both your personal brand goals to design solid leadership strategies.  

And by committing to this will build your confidence and grow your professional image, personal brand and executive presence.  

If you’re ready to gain greater clarity around how to better Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Noticed as a leader and receive the greater recognition you deserve, then download the worksheet that goes with this video :)

Resource: Craft A Leadership Style That Gets You Noticed.


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