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With the opportunities for the advancement of women in leadership increasing, it is important that female leaders learn how to navigate corporate culture to unlock their full leadership potential.

Did you know Australia has one of the highest rates of workplace bullying in the world?

Studies from the Safe Work Australia indicate that “women are more likely than men to be bullied and experience unwanted sexual advances, unfair treatment because of our gender, and experience being physically assaulted or threatened by a client.”

No surprises here, because most women leaders are already well-versed in conditioning themselves to ignore gender bias, lack of trust, and power struggles to survive in a competitive corporate landscape.

But that’s only the beginning. Workplace culture also dictates the way we behave, communicate, make decisions, and the way we show up in the world. In other words, working in negative workplace cultures affects your corporate  image, leadership development mindset for success,   personal brand and executive presence.

woman in leadership stand in negative environment

Workplace Negativity Can Crush Your Spirit and Impact Your Personal Brand, Performance, Energy, and Leadership Potential. 

Setting Boundaries and Saying “No” is a Skill Every Business Professional and Female Leader Must Have.


Modern day corporate culture is still rife with sexism, bullying and gender bias and it can be difficult to set boundaries and stand up for yourself as a woman in leadership when you’re trying to navigate office politics. The dilemma facing most professionals is that refusal to conform to corporate, culture, no matter how toxic, it is, can  jeopardize your shot for a promotion, leadership role or pay rise.  

When you’re constantly surrounded by negativity and people who have a pessimistic attitude, your own energy, presence, image and motivation will also be negatively affected.

 It’s challenging to perform at your peak when others around you are being discouraging, demeaning or disruptive. Your ambition, focus, drive and your ability to CONNECT with others is undermined.

If you are struggling to remain focused, motivated and happy at work, then the first step is to regain your confidence and power as a female leader is to  SET BOUNDARIES!  

This can be easier said than done when you’ve been systematically conditioned to accept working in a toxic work environment.  Your confidence takes a hit, you feel vulnerable, exposed and powerless. Finding the courage to set firm  boundaries is an essential step to be a more empowered and inspiring female leader. It sets the tone for how people see you and your brand, image and leadership potential. 

Reassessing your values, vision for success and who you want to be as a leader is essential to establish what matters to you and reconnect to your purpose. 


Setting clear boundaries of acceptable or NOT acceptable behaviour is a master skill that will strengthen your position as a Confident Woman in Business.

Woman Mindset about Leadership and Influence

Building A Mindset For Success Will Advance Corporate Culture and Create New Realities For You And Other Women in Leadership

Leadership is an attitude and a mindset! Don’t get caught up in the noise and focus on your vision, passion and purpose.


If you’re feeling frustrated, insecure and vulnerable, it is easy to internalise and manifest negative thoughts and feelings. You start to ‘accept’ intolerable situations as ‘normal’ and feel you have no control or no way out.

At this moment, developing the discipline to shift your lens from ‘acceptance’ mode (or victim mode) to ‘change maker’ mode will elevate your thought and change your perspective. Creating a success mindset is your first place to start to own your power, find solutions and changing cultures! To do this takes the discipline to adopt regular positive daily practices.


Do not get sucked into the vortex of other people’s misery, misconceptions and negative energy or vibes. Distance yourself from the anger, resentment and negativity at work and make the conscious decision to be positive. Don’t engage with colleagues (or anyone!) that expend a great deal of negative energy pulling people down, criticizing or coercing you to ensure the failure of others.

woman thinking about her inner voice as a female leader

Find Your ‘Inner’ Voice And Reclaim Your Leadership and Influence   


Positive self-talk is quite honestly an essential success mindset habit and is crucial to your ability to thrive and a woman in leadership in a toxic workplace. It is one of the most empowering tools to help you recenter your thoughts, energy and connection to self!  It is the one thing that you have total control over as you always have the final say over the way you feel and what you think. Put your thoughts into action and speak up about the situation.

Don’t underestimate the power of YOUR voice and influence. Most bullies get away with their abuse because people hesitate to call them out for their behavior. It can be daunting, but you must remember that this is an opportunity for you to grow and show others you are a courageous and confident leader who has clear boundaries and values that won’t be compromised.  


Your ability to deal with  toxic work environments, attitudes and energy  both in thoughts and actions will help you to make better decisions, elevate your brand, image and performance to regain your confidence and power. 

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