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When I first started building my personal branding business for women, one of my lifelong business mentors cautioned me; “ Are you sure you should be positioning your brand and business coaching service for female leaders only?  You will miss out on business opportunities by excluding men for your target audience.”  


Now if you’re a woman in business chances are  you’ve probably experienced the same cautionary tale at some stage of your career, business or leadership development. Because, no matter what you’re doing, how long you’ve been doing it, or how amazing you are at it, there will always be other people who will question your brand, leadership style or business tactics.  Whether they’re  family, friends, colleagues, partners, or mentors, everyone will, at some point, have something to say about how you should be building your brand or  running your business.

For me, choosing to follow my instincts (plus by my years of experience in PR and marketing) to build a thriving brand and business in a niche market has proven very profitable and rewarding.

So, how do you know when to listen to colleagues, business mentors, or senior leaders and when to back yourself and follow your instincts to achieve your personal and professional goals?

When It Comes to building an Authentic Personal Brand Your Intuition is Your Best Friend! Decide Whose Opinion Matters and Weigh It Against Your Own Before You Do Anything


When you are starting to build your personal brand, image and leadership style your greatest gift is your journey, story and unique perspective gained from years of real-life experience and expertise.    

Develop a brand that is unique and speaks of your own personal passions and purposes. Your personal brand should be a reflection of everything that matters to you and your vision in life.  Your target audience will connect with you more if they find that their own values and passions align with yours. 

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Carve Your Own Professional Path and Listen to Your Own Voice! You Have to Be Authentic and Courageous In Life and Business to Make It to the Top


As I said,  if I had listened to my mentor early in my career I would have taken a  different path instead of the one I love.  I wouldn’t be where I am today.

When you’re building a personal brand, you must tap into who you are and your personal values.  To achieve powerful results, you must leverage your personality, belief system, purpose, passion, and vision and put it out there for the whole world to see. 

Amid all the chatter, and opinions, you must listen to your authentic self and commit to making decisions about your brand and business that prioritise your ‘unique design’ and future vision of success!

It takes a lot of courage and self-awareness to deviate from the path everyone else is on. When you’re being true to yourself and what you envision your personal and professional life to be, you have to be willing to move forward despite all the difficulties, the objections, the discouragement, failures, and setbacks. 

Your personal brand and business only benefit from you being authentic and taking risks to shape the life, career and the reality you want. You will attract the right people, make deeper connections, build flourishing relationships and add power, passion and profits to those people you serve! 

When your personal brand is founded on what is deeply personal to you it will transcend industry trends and evolve as you evolve to remain relevant, connect and on point  with your target audience.

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Build Your Authentic Personal Brand and Elevate Your Business as a Female Leader. I’ll Guide You in Navigating the Leadership Landscape.


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Steps To Reboot Your Personal Brand!

Download: 7 Steps to Reboot Your Personal Brand.


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