As a personal branding coach, I have seen many small business owners underestimate the power of their personal brand.  It’s a rookie mistake that can honestly cost you amazing opportunities and a chance to charge a premium for your products or services.

A strong and authentic personal brand sets you apart in a hypercompetitive market. It provides you and your business greater value, credibility, and a uniqueness that will elevate you above the competition.

It Gives Your Small Business a “Brand Voice”, Personality and Point of Difference

So often, small businesses can get lost in the crowd, but one of your greatest assets is that you can position yourself with greater authority and impact by becoming your brand and business’s face and voice to stand out from the crowd to be better seen, heard and noticed!

As a small business owner, having an authentic personal brand gives your business a more  human connection with your target audience – a chance to showcase who you are and what you stand for.  It makes your brand and business more familiar, approachable, and likeable!  And, it helps showcase what makes you different from others in your niche market or industry.  

Your business is essentially an extension of who you are and the values that you stand for.

Your Personal Brand Helps You Attract Opportunities

Many small business owners struggle with the continuous “hustle” to find new clients, new projects and new opportunities to grow their brand and business.  Part of being your own boss means you have to develop your brand, business and grow your network largely on your own. 

Building a personal brand will help you attract like-minded people, clients, followers and businesses to you instead of chasing them! Say goodbye to the “hustle” and hello to having more choices, more opportunities and being more financially secure as a small business!  

Creating a personal brand will help increase your business visibility, impact and influence in your niche market – and people who recognize and respect your brand values and beliefs will feel more inclined to do business with you.

It Brings More “Brand” Value To Your Small Business


A few years ago, when I had my own boutique media marketing business, I found myself competing with some of the biggest media and public relations agencies in my industry as a small business owner to win a massive multi-million dollar launch project.  As I had built a powerful personal brand identity in my niche market, I not only received an invitation to pitch for the project, I won it!

My professional reputation as an expert in my field along with my personal brand identity and public profile made the ‘right’ people sit up and pay attention!  

I bested all these other larger businesses to win this coveted project even if I was a one-woman team! 

My personal brand elevated my credibility, authority and influence and in turn, it amplified my brand and business value even more!

You Become An Ambassador For Your Small Business

Because you’re the face of your business, you also act as it’s spokesperson and brand ambassador. Everything you say and do will be associated with your business. You amplify your business’ voice, purpose, and values. The more work you put into your personal brand, the greater your brand awareness and the less paid marketing you’ll have to invest in to grow your business.


When you position yourself as an expert in your field, you and your small business becomes top-of-mind, and people will start to spread the word!  Word of mouth marketing and referrals for small business owners is one of your best FREE marketing tools! 

Build your personal brand and be an ambassador for your business and you will also open up opportunities for you to share your thoughts, insights and ideas on a bigger stage! Perhaps as a speaker, part of an exclusive small business network or community.

You Take Ownership for Your Brand and Business


You have a deeper, more personal stake in your business when you attach your personal brand to it. Your business becomes more than just an online business front or bricks and mortar.  Your personal brand brings a whole new level of ownership around your reputation and brand presence both online and offline.  Your purpose, passions, values, and belief are poured into your small business and everything it represents. 

It is your chance to showcase who you really are, what matters to you, your unique gifts and  how you do business.


Your personal brand is the heartbeat of your small businesses.  As you grow and change, so will your personal brand and business. There is more value to a business when the person behind it cares more than just making a quick buck! Your personal brand brings accountability, trust, and loyalty, and more connection to your business that will resonate with the hearts and minds of your target audience, clients or customers.

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