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Are you looking to build your personal brand? Do you feel so overwhelmed with the amount of work it would entail to have a successful brand?

As women leaders today, there is a need to constantly build our personal and business brand to its full potential. 

I’m here to make it easier for you. Read on to know more of my proven tips and strategies that will definitely help grow your brand and business!

1. Don’t Treat Your Personal Brand As Your Resume

Unleash your passion and purpose to build a personal brand online that is the essence of you!

Your personal brand should make your expertise AND personality shine! It’s not your online resume!

Yes, it’s important to highlight your key achievements, products and services, but if you put that as the main focus, chances are, people will forget you.

In a sea full of other female business professionals and leaders trying to promote their business and elevate their professional image, their main personal brand messaging is focused on marketing their products and services.

How Should I Brand Myself?

Strive to be different by integrating your personality into your personal brand!

After all, a personal brand serves as a representation of who you are, and this goes beyond just showing off your achievements!

Focus on what you are most proud of. Apart from your achievements, skills and professional life, what else do you want your target audience to know?

Show them your winning mindset and your personality. In this way, you create an authentic personal brand, which is something that not all female leaders can manage to do. This is how you can attract your potential customers!

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2. Share your EQ as well as your IQ

Do you foster a success and growth mindset? Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Whether you have a visionary or creative mindset, you must know what’s in your mindset toolkit and use it as leverage.

What’s important is, you should communicate to your target audience more than what you provide as your professional product and service. 

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How To Strengthen Your Personal Brand?

Tell them about what you can do to help alleviate their anxiety, insecurities, or frustrations. Delve deep into how different they would feel when they decide to work with you. 

Will it help them figure out their next action plan after feeling stuck for so long? Will it help them feel even more confident as a leader?

As women in leadership, it’s important to share your personal and professional superpowers to the world, how you use them to help people around you and elevate to the next level of our brand and business too!

3. Create A Good Personal Brand Story

In order to build your recognition, position yourself as the leader you want to be and create an emotional connection with your target audience!

So, How Do You Brand Yourself Effectively?

A good idea would be to share your story, may it be in the past, present, and future – including challenges, triumphs,  lessons learned and vision to achieve success.

Document your brand story by including emotional ups and downs, share what you do, and your “WHY”.  Determine your biggest “WHY” and how it aligns to your life and business or why you chose it. 

This will create an emotional connection to you and your brand.  People nowadays are looking for a connection!

If you connect emotionally with your target demographic and give them a memorable experience, they will engage, and once they engage with you (whether online or offline), they are more likely to do business with you!

You will definitely turn prospects and leads into paying customers, clients and sales in no time!  

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Build A Voice For Your Brand and Business

4. Build A Voice For Your Brand To Grow Your Authority And Recognition

It’s time to build your digital footprint!

There’s just so many ways to do ituse backlinks, media placements or published blog posts on credible sources to build your brand awareness and authority.

Start putting up your personal website, or do guest blogging. Elevate your online presence by building your audience through various social media platforms and partnerships.

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Why Is It Important To Have An Online Presence?

This will help build a voice for your brand and help you build trust as an authority. 

With your increased brand awareness, it won’t be long until you will become a woman of influence in your field, which will add depth and breadth to your brand and leadership, setting you apart from your competitors!

5. Build Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is how your consumers will recognize and remember your business. 

The bigger the brand awareness you have, the more people you will reach. These people will be familiar with your personal brand logo, messaging, product and service.

When growing your business, building your brand awareness is the most important step.


By promoting your personal brand, you become top-of-mind for people, businesses and organisations, especially to those who are looking for the right people to do business with.

Think about it.  

If they already feel like they know, like and trust you through exposure to your brand, they will be more likely to choose you over your competitors. Subconsciously, they already have an emotional connection and alignment to you and your brand. 

Here are some ways to increase your brand awareness and the impact of your personal brand 

  1. Offer free guidance and support to your clients, customers and followers 
  2. Distribute quality content to their inbox
  3. Partner with other people, brands and businesses for mutual growth and opportunity
  4. Create a referral campaign with your professional and social network and connections
  5. Increase your community engagement for both online and offline
  6. Provide free products for potential customers, (e.g. research, guides, and how-to’s, or training materials)

Ready To Unleash Your Most Powerful Brand?

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