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When you think about where you are right now personally and professionally, what kind of leadership decisions have you been making for yourself? Are you making choices about your future based on the leader you want to be (even if it challenges you), or are you in cruise mode?

It can be frustrating to have all these great hopes, goals and dreams about your future but not know how to make them happen. You feel like you are doing all the right things to advance up the corporate ladder or be seen as an industry leader in your business. Still, the reality is that you struggle to make an impact and may feel you lack leadership skills. 

But you don’t have to wait until you are the boss to act like a leader.  The truth is that you already have everything you need to be a strong and empowered senior leader in your niche market or industry.  All you need is to unpack the leader in you to change the trajectory of your life, career or business in the most positive way.

So in this blog, I share with you what I do to help women leaders like you make intentional decisions that allow them to become leaders in not just their careers or business but their whole lives. 

1. Be A Curious And Courageous Female Leader.

So often, without realising it, we will allow ourselves to hold self-limiting beliefs about ourselves and our leadership capabilities.  And so, instead of stepping up as a leader to be curious, courageous and take control, we can step back. 

That’s why it’s important even if you feel vulnerable, lack confidence or are in uncharted territory, to show others that you are ready to take on any challenge and will not retreat! 

“Your greatest triumphs and successes can come when you lean into your fears rather than choosing to remain in the shadows letting others lead the way.”  

Be curious enough to ask questions and use your years of experience to forge new pathways that challenge your status quo.  You will show others that you have high growth potential.  And you will be building a brand and reputation as a strong, resilient and unstoppable female leader. 

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2.Being A Leader Who Helps Others Succeed But Also Be Accountable For Their (and your) Own Success.

To position yourself as a leader today means taking on a certain amount of responsibility to help others succeed.

That means being available, willing and confident to step up to offer others support, advice and guidance. But let me be clear…. Helping others doesn’t mean overdelivering or doing their work for them. All this does is make you appear like a doer and not a leader.

As women leaders, we are more likely to fall into the trap of over-delivering to our clients, senior leaders and colleagues. Instead of guiding and supporting them and giving them the tools they need to succeed, we often find ourselves doing the work for them. 

When I first started my coaching program for women leaders, I fell victim to this. In my excitement to help other women leaders step up, I often did the hard work for my clients instead of guiding and supporting them to take accountability for their success. 

“But a great leader will allow others the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive by helping them take accountability for their own success.”

By over-delivering, I undermined their success instead of enabling and empowering it.

This analogy also applies to your own future success as a leader. 

I often hear professional women and small business owners complaining about not having achieved the success they want. If you ask them why, they’ll give a variety of excuses. But at the end of the day, these are just excuses. The truth is, if you want to succeed, you need to help others succeed and also take a no-excuses attitude yourself. Sure, it can help to have a coach or mentor, but ultimately, you are responsible for your own success.

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3. Define What It Means to You To Be A Leader

I never saw myself as a leader. I thought leaders had to have a fancy title, have a master’s degree or a ton of industry awards and accolades.

But from an early age, I seemed to have this natural ability to lead. Even though I didn’t have a fancy title or a master’s degree, I had an innate ability to capture people’s attention with my energy and presence. But honestly, for many years, I didn’t really see this as a successful leadership trait or put much value on it.

​It wasn’t until several years ago, when I started my own business as a personal branding coach, that I began working on my personal brand and identity as a leader.

​For the first time, I became really clear about what leadership looks like for me personally.

This was the definition I came up with…

​”A leader is someone who cares, has a passion for serving people and is willing to be an example of what’s possible for others.”

Now that is something that I was able to be.

​I had a revelation that I was a leader the whole time, but I never saw myself as one.​

​What’s fascinating is that I quickly started to attract opportunities to lead more people.  

Today I help women realise their worth and higher potential to lead others using their natural gifts, energy and presence. Often we can feel massively overlooked or underestimated when it is simply because we don’t know how to turn our greatest gifts into powerful leadership traits. 

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4. Cultivating Relationships Will Drive Your Leadership Impact As A Businesswoman

Strong and meaningful relationships are the building blocks of outstanding leadership.  Yet so many women underestimate their circle of influence and how to develop and nurture it.  You may not think you have a strong ‘tribe’ of people around you.  But most likely, that’s because you’re not looking beyond your immediate team, colleagues, and business associates.

Cultivating relationships and networks is vital to developing and growing your power, authority and advocacy groups.  It is also one of the most powerful ways to get support, motivation and inspiration and build awareness of your personal brand.  

Intentionally building and nurturing a tribe of other successful and like-minded professionals who share a similar vision should absolutely be part of your plan for success.  

Craft a leadership style that gets you noticed worksheet

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