You’d rarely forget about someone as dynamic, engaging, fun, and fit as top female executive and small business owner Leanne St. George! 

Being a high performance business woman, she has already made her mark as a woman of influence in media and events in Queensland for the past 26 years.

Leanne has been building a brand, mastered her leadership skills, developed an executive presence, all while enduring the triumphs and challenges of running one of Australia’s leading boutique Public Relations and event companies.

I first met Leanne St George over 20 years ago, when she was brimming with high potential and conquering the male sport of polo. 

Hailed as the “Queen’ of the Polo scene in Australia, Leanne was part of the first ever women’s polo team organising lessons, games and events managing 3 Australian open polo cups on the Gold Coast, and an international test series with South Africa and Zimbabwe.

She’s definitely a woman who makes an impact!  A true champion inside and out!  


How To Become An Inspiring Woman in Business?

In this blog, I interview  Leanne St George on her thoughts on ‘Women Inspiring Women’, and how supporting, coaching and mentoring other top female professionals is one of her greatest rewards.


Every Successful Brand Has A Great Story

Q1. Suzie: What was your dream job as a kid and why?

Leanne: Growing up, I’ve never envisioned myself to be a woman in business, as I’ve always wanted to be a jockey. I was riding horses from age 5 and used to help with track work from about 8. But then, I grew too tall and had to stop. But now, I found my passion in helping people find their leadership style and enhance their professional image by building relationships and reputations that matter to them.

Q2. Suzie: Your vision to create Australia’s biggest lifestyle fashion event on the Gold Coast has seen you overcome many challenges.  What’s been your biggest career or business challenge and what’s one lesson you learnt? 

Leanne: Developing and marquee events such as Australian Resort Week takes years of work, research, trial and education.  I have learned to listen to what people, what the marketplace has to say.

If you don’t listen to what your potential customers and clients have to say and you push headlong on what you think the world wants, you will burn money and your worth.

The world commerce, social structure is changing so quickly, perhaps quicker than ever before, so your communication skills and the way you engage with your audience are more important than ever! 

The biggest thing I have learnt  as a woman in business is “patience.”

Q3. Suzie: You’ve invested a lot of time supporting and mentoring other professional men and women in business.  What do you find is the most rewarding about being a business mentor?  

Leanne: I love to support people regardless of their gender. As a female business professional who has worked with so many people, I have come to realize that we shouldn’t ignore 50% of the population. In fact, my most important business mentors have all been men. I am lucky enough to have been coached and mentored  by these amazing people who helped me so much as a youngster.

Q4. Suzie: What are three keywords you would use to describe yourself?

Leanne: Resilient, courageous and forthright 

Q5. Suzie: If you could perfect one new personal quality, what would that be?

Leanne: It would have to be compassion!

Q6. Suzie: What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership? 

Leanne:  As ironic as it sounds, but to me, it’s our fellow females!  I don’t think all females are supportive of others, which is a shame.

For example, If you are the only female board member on a board, don’t relish in the fact you are the only female senior leader on the board, use your influence to bring another female on board.

But thanks to leadership development programs, more and more women are getting a seat at the table. Honing your leadership skills, building your brand, and mastering your corporate image will result to a high performance leadership

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Q7. Suzie: What will be the biggest challenge for the next generation of women behind you?

Leanne: I believe that female leaders, especially those who undergo leadership training, often struggle with taking responsibility for their own actions, decisions and direction. 

Don’t play the blame game. In the words of Nike…just do it. 

Q8. Suzie: What woman inspires you and why? 

Leanne: I love Queen Elizabeth! As a 90 year old woman of influence, she is still working and has seen wars, met hundreds of world leaders, witnessed social change and still trucks on. She’s definitely my latest girl crush!

Q9. Suzie: What are some traits you think female leaders should possess in today’s business world?

Leanne: Courage, intelligence, and originality.  Don’t be part of the same branding and look that everyone on social media seems to have. Strive to be authentic and unique!

From someone who provides executive coaching, I realized that it’s not enough that your online branding has your well-curated posts just like everyone else. To be a woman of influence means to be able to celebrate being YOU!

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Q10: What are your favourite podcasts, blogs, books or publications that you follow or read?

Leanne: It would have to be Ariana Huffington, founder of the HuffPost and author. Richard Branson – he’s always inspirational and a kind entrepreneur.

Q11. Suzie: What do you want to accomplish in 2019?  

Leanne: I’d like to finish two major marathon treks, help more people achieve success through my service, and of course, a month in Italy!

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