What makes a good leader today?  The goalposts have definitely shifted!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, professional or entrepreneur—women in leadership today must change their perceptions on how to lead successfully.

Female leaders these days must be visionary, digitally savvy, and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

While that seems like a tall order, it is the way of the world today if you want to stand out and shine as a leader of choice in your industry.

Here are 3 core leadership traits that all-female business leaders must have today in order to make a difference to their audience and build a successful brand!

Know Your Biggest ‘Why?’

Find Your Purpose

With a global pandemic changing the way we do things, it has definitely made us question our biggest “why”.

Being able to have an answer to this must be at the top of your list as a female leader!

Why is this important?

Because in times of uncertainty and adversity, this will ground you and help you realize if you’re still on the right path.

And if you find yourself moving away from your why, you will be reminded to turn around and start moving towards it! 

Ask yourself, why are you doing what you do? 

Knowing your life’s biggest purpose is key to living and leading a life that it aligned to your values and desires. It’s important that you pay attention to your biggest why so that you can evaluate if your everyday tasks contribute to the life you want.

Before doing anything else, ask yourself “Is this supporting the kind of life and career I want?”

This will lean you towards the direction to achieving your goals and dreams! 

When you know your why, every sacrifice and effort you put in will make everything worth it. It will be your driving force to push forward especially when times get tough.

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Respond Rather Than React

Ready, Set, Go!

So, let me ask you…

When was the last time you were under pressure? Did you dive right in and immediately react or did you try to think of options and come up with the best possible solution?

The one thing this global pandemic has taught us is that the way we respond matters. 

Not just for the critical matters, but for the everyday matters as well. It’s important that you know how to adjust your style of leadership especially in times of crisis or challenges.

How you react to tough situations and the way you respond to challenges will not only affect the outcome, but also impact your personal brand and even your executive presence!

In fact, you can give two leaders the exact same set of circumstances, and expect one will rise up while the other may fall.

The difference is that some leaders are in tune with their EQ (emotional intelligence) as much as their IQ.  They will reflect, analyse and seek solutions as well as listen to their intuition to find a balance that allows them to make informed decisions without letting their emotions consume them. 

This is the biggest secret to making wise decisions despite the crisis and challenges that come your way!

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faces line up wanted to be notice to grow your brand

Take Action Even Though It’s Terrifying

Leave Your Comfort Zone For Good!

We often resist change and gravitate towards things that are familiar to us because it gives us a greater sense of security. 

But change is good!  In fact the best leaders are change-makers!  They are trailblazers and ready to advance cultures and shape new realities!

If you want to position yourself as a leader, influencer or authority in your field, then be prepared to welcome change and challenge the status quo!

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.  Break down your goals into smaller milestones to avoid feeling overwhelmed so you can step outside your comfort zone to achieve greater heights.


If you are scared of public speaking, start by improving your communication skills on a less intimidating level, or sign up for coaching sessions with a vocal coach to improve your confidence, presence and voice.  

It may seem daunting at first, but once you upskill and support yourself to conquer your fears, it leaves you hungry for more! 

Your comfort zone is a beautiful place to be in, but personal and professional growth doesn’t thrive from being comfortable!

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