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Do you feel stuck, overlooked, undervalued or just plain bored with what the path your career or business is taking? 

Do you wish, want and dream for more, but just don’t seem to attract the right opportunities or know how to get what you really want?   

If you’ve answered yes, then it’s time shift gears, change up your life and career to achieve something more fulfilling and purposeful!

Because from my experience, you have 2 choices.  

  1. Stay where you are now (unhappy, uninspired and unmotivated)
  2. Make ‘The Big Shift’ to move towards your goals and dreams. (with no apologies and no holding back!)

If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re already contemplating life choice number 2!  

So congratulations as you’ve already taken the first step to empower yourself by seeking strategies, tips and tools to help you make smarter choices, attract more opportunities and achieve the life and career of your dreams.

Finding a career that makes you feel so fulfilled doesn’t have to be a lifelong journey.

Take for example my executive coaching client, Nichol Stark. She was already working in tech for over 23 years, and was able to work her way up to becoming a senior leader. She was happy working for the company and leading her team, but it still felt like something was missing. 

To find her sense of purpose and regain confidence as a more empowered female leader in tech, she made a six-month investment in building a personal brand, honing her leadership skills, and designing an action plan to level up leadership skills and catapult her career to the next level.

But after two months of brand and business coaching with me, she decided to quit her job, become a small business owner and jump straight to building her own empire! 

“Previously, I was happy to be the person behind a person, but now I found my voice. I knew it was in my head, but I never knew how to articulate it. Through Suzie’s personal branding program, I found my voice and was able to explore my passion and purpose, and develop an image and presence that I’m really comfortable with. At first, I was so scared because I didn’t know what was going to happen…but once I became comfortable being uncomfortable I felt more confident than ever and i am so happy!”

Today Nichol has founded The Femetech Revolution which helps professional women in technology feel confident, unlock their leadership capabilities and connect to a greater purpose.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

If she can, you can too! So, to help you get out of this rut, I’m here to share with you how you can make that switch!

Design Your Ideal Life And Career Worksheet by Suzie Lightfoot

GRAB A COPY : Design Your Ideal Life And Career Worksheet


Key Signs It’s Time for a Major Career Change And What You Can Do About It

 1. You Lack Confidence To Put Yourself Out There And It’s Holding Your Brand Back

Think about what you’re doing right now. With your daily tasks, is it helping you become a step closer to having your dream career or business? 

Most of us don’t realize this, but by staying at a job or in a career that no longer pushes you to grow and evolve, your personal brand also suffers! 

Take a moment and reevaluate where you’re currently at right now. How does your career make you feel? Does it help you evolve into the person you want to be? 

Is there something you’ve always wanted to pursue yet you never got around to trying it? Or do you find yourself spending your time and energy elsewhere?

You can create so many opportunities that will help you grow your brand, confidence, and raise the roof on your career.   You just have to get creative and make time to be more energetic and curious about the choices you have at your fingertips!

After all, great leaders in this new digital age are creative and celebrate their individuality.  They love life and actively create opportunities and achieve the happiness and success they desire.

So how can you level up brand confidence?

Trying out  public speaking might be a good idea to hone your communication skills and elevate your authority in your industry.  

Or maybe publishing regular blog posts and quality content to improve your online presence

Perhaps you want to book a coaching session with your trusted mentor to gain clarity on what you really want to pursue.

Because here’s the truth…

If you’re no longer happy with what you do, it will show in the way you present yourself to the world.  

So, if you feel like a career or industry is no longer a good match for you, it’s time to stay true to yourself and pursue the dream that will awaken your passion.

After all, your personal brand communicates not only your products or services, but the very heart of YOU. 

So it makes sense that if you’re pursuing a career that gives you greater purpose and fulfilment – YOU and your brand will shine, giving you recognition as the leader you want to be.

Remember, this is your time to make your mark on the world by representing yourself with a more authentic personal brand.

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2. You Start Looking For Options But The Right Opportunities Are Passing You By 

Sound familiar?  What if I told you you can stop chasing opportunities and start attracting them to you! 

Do you find yourself looking for other options or opportunities but the right ones never seem to come your way?

When you start to pay attention to your thoughts, you have the power to change your life. 


Your thoughts influence your feelings, and your feelings shape your actions. Your actions create your life!

To cut it short, they’re all connected!

So, if you constantly think it’s going to be hard for you to land a great opportunity, chances are, you’re right! If you think it’s possible, you’re right as well!

Your mindset is a valuable soft skill that most female leaders overlook! It helps shift people’s perception, and it enables you to motivate and inspire others.

What successful personal brands and leaders have in common is a positive mindset. By giving off positive energy into the world, you will attract the right opportunities into your life. 

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But of course, it doesn’t end there.

Let people know you’re seeking new opportunities, and push yourself out of your comfort zone! Overhaul your personal brand if there are gaps you can fill to celebrate your strengths and gifts! 

Share your accomplishments and provide value to your target audience. This way, you establish an executive presence that will make you an outstanding leader in your niche market or industry!

3. You’ve Learned To Quiet The Noise Rather Than Embrace The Journey

Don’t push your struggles under the rug! 

In the age of social media where filtered photos, highlight reels, and a well-curated online presence are prevalent, people are craving your authenticity! 

Be open to your journey, talk about the successes and failures that come along the way. It will help you represent yourself with a stronger, more authentic personal brand, image and appear more human! 

Talking openly about your struggles and how you have overcome them will also help other professionals who are also going through the same thing as you! 

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By sharing your strategies and lessons regularly, you will begin to position yourself as a thought leader that will also serve as an avenue for you to connect more intimately with your target audience!

Time To Gain Clarity On What You Really Want In Life And Live Your Life To Its Full Potential!

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