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So you probably grew up as a girl, feeling empowered and invincible. But, if you’re like most women, things started to shift for you? Research has shown that most women have felt that their power and identity have been taken from them, and they are not okay with it.

70% of women have been found to have felt this way, experiencing thoughts of self-doubt every day. If this sounds like you too, now is the time to shift gears, and your mindset, to be a more empowered woman in leadership!

It’s often heartbreaking to work with women who have a low opinion of themselves or a sense of self-worth in their careers, companies, or leadership roles, but rather than feeling confident and courageous, they believe they are constantly falling short of others’ aspirations or their own unreasonable expectations.

As a personal branding coach, I’ve witnessed first-hand how the deep insecurities women feel about themselves show up in their leadership style, and how they relate to others, often in a negative way. They are fearful (because of their own sense of unworthiness) about their competence and ability. As a consequence, they try to hold themselves back from opportunity and growth.

High-achieving women often appear on the outside as successful, confident and happy. But when many reach a certain level of success in their career, they experience a crisis that threatens to undermine the positive impression, presence and impact they have worked so hard to achieve so far.

I have coached so many extraordinary women in business who feel this way. And to be honest, I have felt this way too! But when you break it down and turn the lens inwards, you will realise it is not others who make us feel this way but ourselves.

How We Judge Our Self Worth As Women.

It’s nice to think other people can make us feel undervalued, but the truth is, no one can make us feel that way unless we let them. The buck stops with us, and if we want to have a more significant influence and impact, we have to identify our value, own it, and create an authentic personal brand that reflects that. 

As women leaders, we are conditioned to believe that our career or business success is measured by our title, experience, and income. And for sure, this can be the focus and drive a lot of executive women, business owners or female entrepreneurs.  

But, success isn’t always about the prestige of a leadership role or financial reward. For many female leaders, it’s also about our appearance, influence, respect, authority, being seen and heard, and gaining recognition as inspiring and visionary leaders.

And the truth is, in today’s new world, people are also looking for genuine,  authentic, kind and emotionally intelligent leaders.  And as women we more likely to foster these top leadership traits than men but less likely to see them as valuable skills.

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Choose Your Thrive Zones or Self-worth Domains To Find Your Confidence.

According to Steph Fontane Pennock (Positive Psychology), identifying your self-worth domains, or as I like to call them, your thrive zones, can help you be a more empowered and confident leader.

Every person will have their own criteria for making them feel like a success. To evaluate yourself more healthily, figure out what ‘success’ means to you, what is important to you, and what gives your life and career meaning, joy and happiness. 

So consider creating criteria (on your own or with a leadership coach or mentor) to use when you’re trying to evaluate your self-worth and confidence levels.  This will help you evaluate yourself in the areas that mean the most to you. Once you know your self worth domains, you can set clear boundaries, codes of behaviour, and mindset rituals that will serve you better.  

Ultimately, doing more igniting your passion and aligning with your values will give you a greater sense of purpose and self-worth.  By identifying your ‘thrive zones’ or domains of self-worth that bring you a greater sense of energy, joy and empowerment will help guide you to where you should be channeling your focus, drive and efforts in your personal branding, business and leadership development.  Also, think of particular situations that trigger your insecurity or self-criticism and note them down.  

This exercise will help you reflect on how you perceive your worth, helping you uncover what triggers insecurity and self-criticism. You will also be able to explore why some zones matter more than others, the particular standards linked to them, and how they may change over time.

You can use your insights to identify your domains of self-worth, such as image, appearance, work performance, creativity, status, social interaction, influence, recognition, helping others, financial security, or achievements.

It sounds insanely simple, but the process is powerful and revealing and helps you unpack your full personal power and leadership potential.  You will find strength in knowing what ignites you, lights you up, raises your internal bar, and what doesn’t. You will become more courageous and confident, make better choices, and attract the right opportunities.

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Realising Your Self-Worth Breathes Passion And Purpose Into Your Brand.

Knowing your self-worth domains can help you foster more growth in areas that you find regarding self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-empowerment.

It may be hard at first to expose the ‘real you’, but stick with it! The personal and professional rewards are boundless!  I have coached many women in leadership through this process to help them reclaim their power and presence to start building a strong personal brand, image, and achieve the greater success they desire.

When you unlock what conditions, feelings or situations prevent you from feeling ‘worthy,’ you can start to explore life and leadership beyond them and rise to unstoppable new heights! 

If you can be open and honest with yourself and commit to this process of self-discovery, you will find the true source of success. Once you are crystal clear on what makes you ‘tick’, you can get smart about it! Design a personal brand strategy that captures the true essence of who you are and all that you bring to the table.  

Having a personal brand that shows you are passionate about your purpose and power will ensure you celebrate your individuality and shine as an empowered and confident leader.  How great will you feel when you can take control of your future and change the playing field to create new opportunities?  You won’t need to seek approval or look to others to feel a sense of self-worth but foster it from a more profound sense of knowing and understanding of who you are and what you value.

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