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Have you worked hard to be seen as an industry leader in a male dominated industry?  Is it challenging for you to be heard even when you’ve earned your seat at the table? Surprisingly, even some of the most successful women in business feel just like this when they work in predominantly male-driven environments.


You must push harder to succeed in your industry, primarily because men dominate it. As a result, you constantly feel emotionally drained, stressed and burnt out and only find relief when you are praised in some way for your efforts. Does this resonate with you? Have you ever felt undervalued for your contribution or overlooked for your full potential despite your years of experience and expertise?

As an executive brand and business coach and mentor, I have worked with many professional women who feel the same way. And one of the first things I ask during my coaching process when building their personal brands is, “what are your career or business goals and dreams for the future?” The next question I ask is, “What holds you back from achieving this success?”

The number one answer.  “I don’t have the self-confidence I need to make my mark.” 

Establishing Your Power and Presence as a Confident Business Woman is the Fastest Way to Claim Your Space as a Female Leader in Your Industry.

If you feel this way, too, It’s time to stop feeling overpowered by other male leaders in your industry or workplace and invest in ways to step up your game for the long term.  Because as women, we are uniquely gifted in the leadership stakes. And the good news is, you don’t need to stay stuck, frustrated and unhappy. You can learn how to be the most confident woman in business you know.  

It doesn’t matter if you work for a business organization, you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner. The key to owning your space as a confident female leader is mastering how to unleash your full power and presence.

These two energetic forces make a woman seem effortlessly stylish, authentic and magnetic! Yes, magnetic!  Because the truth is, when you have self-confidence, people are intuitively attracted to your energy, image and presence

Here are 3 simple yet incredibly powerful steps to help you break through to the next level in your leadership journey.

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1. Find a Greater Purpose in Your Goals and Achievements.

If you’re living and leading without a sense of purpose, you will start to feel, “what is it all for? “Why Am I doing this?”  You may also feel like you are addicted to achieving success or quick wins but find you still feel unfulfilled in your career or business. This threatens to undermine your motivation, drive, focus and confidence as you will start to feel like you are on the road to nowhere.  

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2. Discover the Power and Presence of Your Image to Own the Room as a Woman Of Confidence.

A woman’s presence in a room, especially in a male-dominant environment, is highly anticipated. And the simple truth is, they’re going to look. So instead of feeling vulnerable or insecure, learn how to craft a strong image and presence that commands respect and authority. In doing so, you will attract attention for all the right reasons and make the right impression (on your terms) without saying a word.     


But let me be clear: Dressing for success is not about dressing up for the men in the room; it’s all about celebrating your style from the inside out to feel more empowered, in control and professional.  

You don’t need a personal stylist. The best leaders are always those that bring their ‘A Game. They show up and present themselves consistently.  So, if you want to look (and feel)  like a more empowered female leader, then you should consider taking your image, personal style and wardrobe seriously. 

A change in wardrobe is noticeable.  Seeing it empower you is head-turning!  Your wardrobe choices give you your wings and contribute to building a powerful image and personal brand identity. 

3. Craft a Powerful Leadership Language. 

Think about how you get to feeling disempowered and invisible in the first place?  Chances are it is because you have been remaining tight-lipped about what you know despite knowing you’re capable of great things.  When you do this, you are conditioning those around you to feel you don’t have anything valuable to say or contribute.  What you are saying is, “I’m not leadership material”.

However, suppose you want to be heard and be noticed as a strong female leader in your niche market or industry.  In that case, as part of your personal brand strategy you must learn to step into your voice as a leader using the dynamic language that gets you cut through.

Many women leaders struggle to articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly and it affects how others perceive their leadership skills.  They waffle, get distracted when they speak, and often fail to get to the point quickly and effectively.  As a result they lose the impact and power of what they are trying to say.

Actively crafting your leadership language to communicate with intention is the number one way to grow your impact, influence and confidence as a female leader.  Those around you will sit up and pay attention to what you have to say.

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These 3 steps are all part of the process of my online personal brand oaching program.  They are part of the 9 key criteria that will help you transform your brand and image to regain your confidence and power! 

Establishing A Magnetic Personal Brand and Image Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Impact, Influence And Confidence As A Female Leader.

Sick of being overlooked and undervalued?  Want to be paid your worth and recognised for who you are and all you bring to the table?

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