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Here’s what most people don’t know: You don’t need thousands of likes and followers to make an impact on social media!


Well, let me break it down for you..

I know that social media can be a minefield.  Trying to navigate the constantly changing algorithms and make an impact with the right people for your brand and business, and getting engagement alone is already tough!

This might lead you to think, “Why should I bother establishing a strong social media presence for my personal brand if I’m not going to instantly attract thousands of followers?”

How to Succeed in Personal Branding on Social Media

Well, the truth is, effective social media doesn’t always have to be about getting the most followers and likes.  

The best tip I can share with you as you grow your personal brand and business on social media is that you shouldn’t just focus on gaining instant likes and follows, but rather, you should be more concerned about providing consistent quality content and the organic growth of your social media profile over time! 

To put it simply, to build your brand recognition and authority you don’t necessarily need to have thousands of followers.  All it takes is well-curated content and a consistent social media presence in order to successfully make an impact!

Yes, you heard that right!

Building your personal brand online through social media channels will definitely help grow your visibility. This serves as an avenue to share your brand messaging and authentic voice to your target audience. 

And, using social media to grow your personal brand is not about being labeled an “influencer,” it is more about growing your influence and establishing your authority.

The impression you and your brand can make on social media can be greatly enhanced when done right!

Social Media Brand Success Guide Worksheet - Suzie Lightfoot

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Building A Personal Brand That Shines

When people look you up online, having a social media presence gives people the impression that you are relevant, you value their opinion, and you want to stay connected.  

This is why creating a social media profile is so important. It shows your potential clients a glimpse of your world helping them get to know, like and trust you on a much deeper level.

Having less followers, but greater engagement is better than having thousands that don’t believe in you, your message or your product or service. 

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The key to impacting your target audience is by consistently sharing valuable content and initiating conversations with your audience so you can organically gain followers on your social media. 

Having a stable follower growth of your target audience that cares about you and your message is better than thousands who don’t care.  This way, you ensure that you are staying relevant, engaging and have the ability to influence the right people for your brand and business.  

Your personal brand’s online presence on social media platforms is also one of the cheapest and fastest ways to grow personal brand awareness, credibility, and authority.

My Best Weapons To Help You Grow Your Personal Brand And Image On Social Media


 Maximize Your Social Media Profile

Here’s what most successful small business coaches and female leaders do differently online: More than just promoting their product or service on social media, they also use their profiles to add backlinks to their website and other useful resources or information that can be easily seen by their potential customers.

Regardless of your niche or industry, whether it be a coaching business, or simply just promoting your personal brand, this technique will definitely work! Aside from marketing your products and services, you’re also giving them more reasons to get to know you more about your executive image and expertise.

Don’t forget to optimize your social media account using only the most relevant hashtags, add a location, and tagging other key people of influence and businesses.  This way you will gain greater exposure and increase your personal brand value through other brand associations, partnerships and collaborations. 

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Showcase Your Authenticity!

With the different types of content, you can do online, it’s so easy for you to show your authenticity to your social network! So, how do you start?

Try doing live videos, or opening a live Q&A session with your audience. These are some of the best ways to grow your audience and effectively showcasing your authentic personal brand while offering quality information or updates.

Pay attention to the message you’re trying to conveyyou always consider what you stand for and your brand purpose so you establish a strong personal brand.

Make sure that your brand image and message stays relevant and consistent all throughout. Otherwise, you might risk diluting the professional image and messaging you have worked hard to establish!

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Have A Consistent Brand And Stick To It!

First order of business to having a successful brand or business is having clear cut branding. 

Why, you might ask?

This will be the very “look” of your social media pages and is a reflection who you are and what you stand for! 

Make sure to set your personal brand fonts, brand logo, colors, and style guide. This is next level branding that most female business professionals and leaders can’t be bothered with, but it’s actually your best weapon in building your brand awareness.

In this digital age where we can see so many different branding pages on a daily basis, chances are, people who have seen your profile won’t remember you. 

Which is why you must take this extra step to be memorable by setting your signature personal brand colors, brand tone and brand image, and make sure to use it consistently!

WHO You’re Saying Personal Brand Post it

Provide Value And Quality Content 

If you want to build your influence online, you have to provide value. Focus more on helping, not selling!

Make sure to give out useful insights, opinions and ideas that your audience can learn from. This will develop a sense of trust that will eventually encourage them to do business with you in the near future!

From there, you will be able to show off your skills and expertise. As you go along, more and more people will be more inclined to follow you for the valuable content that you share. 

It’s important that you understand who you are and what you stand for. You can use these posts to share your voice and create conversations that aim to interact and engage with your niche market or audience.

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Find And Join Groups

Another way of effectively tapping into your potential customers is to join groups that belong to your niche and industry.

Don’t be afraid to engage with your target audience and always aim to provide value. What’s important is you connect with them, and leave a remarkable impression on them. Listen, share and give away lots of FREE information!

One of the best ways to grow your brand value is to give freely in the service of others when you can.  That doesn’t mean you must give away all your products or not charge for your services.  You can be of service to others through referrals, partnership, collaborations and valuable insights and ideas!

By showing you’re responsive and provide helpful insights, it will help build your personal brand in communities bigger than your own!

Establish Your Thought Leadership

Putting your personal brand on social media will help you give the boost and exposure that it needs! It will help build your network and credibility, which will open to new projects and opportunities. 

What’s the most effective way of building your thought leadership, you may ask?

Most image consultants and brand consultants will always say that staying consistent and relevant is key to growing with your personal brand online. 

But for me, more than just that, the key to a successful personal brand is in developing an authentic voice to your community that is relevant and meaningful to your niche and industry!

It won’t be long until these people will come to you for insights and opinions regarding your industry and become their top of mind as the expert of choice in your field!

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