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Women in leadership can struggle with self-marketing as many professionals are hesitant to market and promote themselves because they don’t want people to think they’re arrogant or boastful.

But the truth is, self-marketing is an essential tool for success for every professional woman in business.  And if accomplished in the right way, you should feel comfortable and confident sharing your worth with the world.

Having a strong and authentic personal brand is the best way to amplify your value, make your mark and feel more empowered without saying a word. It is one of the most crucial steps in getting to the top!

Because focusing on personal branding and image management isn’t all about your professional title or boasting about your accolades. It’s not (solely) about your achievements, credentials, and merits. 

Yet for many industry leaders and top female executives, that is what a personal brand is. They have this misconception that their titles, awards, or the letters after their name define their worth and entitles them to respect and authority.

Fortunately, there is even greater value to be unlocked behind the mask of a title or career.  You can leverage and maximise your brand in much more meaningful ways to amplify your impact and grow your authority and influence as an industry leader.

Personal branding is a way to quietly self-market your gifts by promoting your values, purpose, and vision to the world.

The essence of your personal brand is what makes you unique and valuable to the world. It’s something that’s inherently yours and something that leaves a lasting positive (or negative) impact on people. Your personal brand is what makes you a standout investment in the eyes of the market and your target audience.

Marketing Yourself: Let Your Personal Brand And Image Do The Talking!

Marketing your personal brand and image is all about celebrating the best of you and then knowing how to infuse it into everything you say and do effortlessly. Including your personality, conversations, leadership style, unique gifts and overall value to potential clients, partners, investors, and businesses. 

It’s not simply about your resume and listing all your credentials and achievements. It’s about telling a story of who you are, what you stand for, what you can offer, and what makes you different from the competition.

If you have devoted  time and energy in crafting a strong personal brand and reputation over the years, people will already be familiar with what you do and what you can bring to the table due to the brand awareness you have built. There’s no need for you to tell them who you are and what you stand for; they already know!   

And that’s the beauty of having a personal brand. When you put in the time and effort to cultivate it, the returns on your investment have a ripple effect on your career and success. It doesn’t just affect you in the present, but it sets you up for bigger opportunities in the future. It helps you explore other business ventures, expand your network, and develop your talents without having to constantly hard-sell your value.

What To Remember When Marketing Your Personal Brand 

1. It’s About THEM, NOT YOU


Amplifying your brand’s image and presence isn’t about telling people how amazing you are. It’s about how you can do amazing things FOR THEM and how you can bring value to their lives.

It’s about the people you serve, the problems you can solve, and showing the value of your unique brand journey and experience that will resonate with your target audience.

Learning how to market yourself is a balance of serving your customers and meeting your brand and business objectives.  It’s also about having a purpose, so you are passionate about what you do and who you serve, so you infuse it into the essence of your brand.  

This will set you apart from your competitors by emphasizing the unique value you bring to the table. And having the confidence to share your perspective, purpose and passion are all equally powerful leadership traits that should be celebrated and give you a reason to show up and shine every day. 

Marketing Your Personal Brand and Business

2. Grow Your Leadership Skills:  Get Out Of The Weeds And Step Onto The Balcony.


More and more brands and businesses want to invest in people who look at the world through a different lens.  

They want female leaders and top executives who can sell the value of a vision, motivate others, and drive performance. They want leaders who can push society forward. They aren’t interested in people stuck in the weeds who can’t elevate themselves to take a balcony view of problems or industry trends. They want leaders who are not afraid to be themselves, the trailblazers, change-makers, and influential leaders ready to shake the world. 

Empowered leaders are those who can fully engage others. Those who can express their values and beliefs to also empower those around them. You will be able to attract brands and business to you because of your brand and leadership skills. That sounds a lot more desirable than having to constantly chase leads and business on your own.

3. Build Meaningful Relationships, Networks, Brand Associations and Connections

One of the best ways to self-market and build brand awareness in you and your business is to let others do it for you!  Expand and build your network and influence by nurturing deeper, more meaningful connections and relationships with your key stakeholders. 

People, organisations and businesses today are seeking more than just a superficial attachment with you. They want deeper, more authentic connections.

  They want to have faith that you understand what makes them (your target audience) tick –what’s important to them, how you can help them achieve their goals, and how you can give them value.  They ultimately want to feel you are invested in their vision as much as you want them to invest in yours.

Your personal brand and image is intimate and personal.  It shows your human side. A powerful personal brand will shift mindsets and perceptions. It helps you create an experience and a deeper connection.

Your personal brand is a  natural extension of who you are and all you bring to the table.  It is authentic, unique and undeniably you; no one can replicate it. 

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