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Which category of female leader are you?…

I’ve noticed that there are commonly three types of leadership styles out there if you want to create a strong brand and image.

Your leadership style directly affects your impact on others, the success you achieve in your life, career or business, and the type of leadership roles or opportunities you will (or won’t) attract.

And it takes more than putting on some lipstick and a power suit to create a powerful professional image.

It’s about showing others in your field that you’re the whole package. 

It’s about communicating your worth and values so clearly that you will be noticed in every room and heard at every table. 

So which type of leader are you?

1. The Fake It Till Your Make It Leader

How often have you heard someone say it’s ok to “fake it till you make it?”

Leaders often say things to please others and look good in front of the crowd.

But nothing is worse than someone trying to be something they’re not. 

The harder they try, the more they come off as inauthentic and fake.

Trust me, I know… 

Early in my career, I fell into the trap of trying to please everyone around me by living up to their expectations of what success looked like for me instead of finding my own purpose and pathway.

I found myself saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity, even if I didn’t have the experience or expertise.  

“Just fake it till you make it”, I’d tell myself. 

This was when everything started to go pear-shaped.

I had spent years working hard to achieve success, but then I looked around and thought, “wait… this isn’t what success looks like to me”.  

Here’s the truth

“Faking it till you make it” is total BS. Because…

When you aren’t living and leading from a place of purpose, you ultimately undermine your full leadership potential.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a professional woman, small business owner or female entrepreneur, you must learn to connect with yourself and to others to truly make a positive impact.

This simple approach will let your true leadership style shine every time.

female leaders group picture

2. The Friend Zone Leader

I’ve been coaching and mentoring female leaders for a long time now, and in the process, I’ve come across many women leaders who can’t seem to get themselves out of the friend zone.

They want to be liked and have genuine personal relationships with their team, clients or colleagues. They also want to be seen as someone willing to step onto the front line and do their job.

That all sounds ok so far, right? 

But here’s the problem…

Because you are a friend, you can spend too much time on your team’s daily work and not enough time on your own big-picture goals and priorities. 

Because you are a friend, you are a good communicator and well-liked but lack the authority and influence to truly make your mark as a leader.

Because you are a friend, you get rave reviews for your work, and people give you great feedback, but you always seem to miss out on lucrative promotions, partnerships or high-profile opportunities. 

3. The Irresistible Leader (aka Woman of Confidence)

This is someone who has mastered the craft of living and leading from a place of confidence and self-empowerment.  

They know who they are, celebrate their individuality and connect and serve others honestly and authentically.

They understand how to move people and empower others to share their vision and achieve great things!  

When they speak, people listen.  

If you are an irresistible leader, you will not only nurture strong networks and connections, you will have the most influence, authority and impact on others…every time.

I  wonder, which category would you put yourself in right now?

Developing your leadership style in a way that feels authentic, empowers you and positions you as an influential leader, is all part of my unique process of building a powerful and profitable personal brand.

When you can master the art of communicating your worth in a way that celebrates who you are and what you stand for, others will value and appreciate you as a market leader.

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