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When you are at the height of your career, with years of experience, expertise and competence, hearing the words ‘off shoring’, ‘restructuring’ or ‘redundancy’ is likely to send a wave of anxiety your way or at least a mild shiver up your spine! 


Like it or not, these three simple words are enough to strike fear into even the most seasoned and experienced executive.

Even if you haven’t had to face the prospect of redundancy personally, chances are you have at least been touched by knowing someone suffering from a ‘career break’… and it hurts!

The New Normal Is Challenging Us To Stay Relevant In This New Career Landscape

The reality is with the on-going pandemic, downsizing, and cost cutting, many of us have undergone career changes, unemployment, or just a general sense of loss. It can be quite a big blow to lose your job or career, especially when you loved your previous job.

What’s important now is to focus on how you can leverage your personal brand, experiences, talents, skills, and connections to pull yourself out from your predicament and open a new chapter in your professional life.

The good news is, this interlude is actually a GIFT – an opportunity to FOCUS entirely on yourself, to re-evaluate what you are GREAT at, what you are PASSIONATE about, what INSPIRES you, and what gives you ENERGY, so you light up in the morning!  

Redundancy or any career transition doesn’t mean you have to accept second best! To the contrary, it means you can put yourself first by acknowledging that now is your time to Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Noticed for who you are and all that you bring to the table, leading from a position of strength and confidence.

design your life -personal brand success worksheet

Download: Design Your Ideal Life And Career Worksheet


A Strong Personal Brand Will Be Your Secret Weapon To Navigating Your Career Change. Maximize Its Potential And Your Influence!

Businesses today are no longer looking to just plug a person into a position. Across all industries, companies are seeking people who share their vision, values and social direction, people who can not only add value to the business and the bottom line, but who also have personal brand leadership qualities and can influence and impact others in a positive way.

It’s up to you to demonstrate, both in your online presence and in person, that you back-up your CV to show them you have plenty more to give, to show them where you are going and not just where you have been.

As a personal branding coach and mentor, I assure my clients, your professional profile, no matter how impressive it is, is not an obituary! It shouldn’t stop if your job ends. It shouldn’t just be a list of past jobs and awards; it should be backed up with a powerful mission statement, bio, professional profile and personal brand, so businesses, employers and organizations get inspired about who you really are, what you stand for, and where you are headed.

Woman in Personal Brand and Leadership Image

 Here Are Other Ways You Can Use Your Personal Brand and Leadership Image to Find Better Opportunities


  • Network, Collaborate, Connect, Bond


Start to maximize and leverage from your networks, connections, key players and influencers that resonate with your values, beliefs and who share your vision. Your experiences and skills should be able to put you in a position to find a new career. Check in with people you know in the industry if there’s an opening you’re qualified for –fingers crossed it’s in a leadership position where you can share your knowledge and wisdom!


  • Strike Out On Your Own And Start Your Own Business


Don’t wait around for your next career role; stay relevant by putting up your own business. Why work for someone else when you know you have so much to offer? You’ve got the experience, connections, and skills. You’re in the prime to build something that’s bigger than yourself. You never know you might have a talent for running your own organization!


  •  Become An Industry Consultant


You have all the insider scoop in your niche. You know what to do and what not to do. You know everyone and you know how the game works –use that to your advantage! Your personal brand is your best marketing tool for advertising your value and expertise. Offer to coach and mentor start-ups, executives, and other budding female leaders. Your experience and wisdom is a valuable resource to the right target audience.


  • Or Change Industries Altogether


Transient skills are highly coveted in the fast-paced, ever-evolving job market. People might suddenly have a need for skills that you may not have used in the past. Or your perspective can prove to be invaluable when employed in a different setting. Unlock your superpowers and bring them to the forefront when selling your value as a new hire, consultant, or business partner!

Boosting Your Self Confidence as female leader

Good Things Come To Those Who Make It Happen 

Changing careers can be an exhausting and depressing moment in your life. But the thing to remember is that you’re still relevant. You can continue to grow your personal brand to look more attractive to organizations and businesses because you’re being seen and engaging. As long as you keep moving forward, you keep yourself from being stagnant and obsolete. Make opportunities for yourself if you have to, just don’t give in to despair!

Never underestimate your power of being able to energize people. You can be a visionary by having an entrepreneurial mindset and a go-getter attitude when the situation gets tough. Surviving and flourishing through this massive change in your life is another challenge all female leaders must overcome.

Having a strong personal brand will help you navigate this shift in a much more empowered and successful way. You’ll be able to identify your brand value that will allow you to traverse different industries. Try new things in areas and industries you might not have considered before. Shift gears and shift careers. Look at other opportunities and continue being a woman of confidence and an inspirational female leader.

Upgrade Your Leadership Skills and Open Doors to New Opportunities! I’ll Teach You How to Use Your Personal Brand as Your Best Marketing Tool

Secure your market relevance and aim for bigger opportunities with a strong personal brand. My experiences as a leading personal branding coach and small business consultant in Australia can help you become an in-demand female leader in no time!

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Download: Design Your Ideal Life And Career Worksheet


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