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Do you ever look back at moments in your life and wonder how on earth you managed to be so fearless in your pursuit for success?


Yet, as we mature putting yourself ‘out there’ can be really scary!


Somehow we lose this wonderful feeling of empowerment and fearlessness, instead feeling more invisible than invincible! It happens to the best of us!


Take a moment to look back on your story and all that you have achieved and experienced in life, personally and professionally. It can help you to reboot your self-confidence and build a more authentic personal brand. It changes your perspective and can  transform the way that you view yourself today and approach your leadership development.


Your personal journey is all part of your unique personal brand story! It’s your foundation and real-world fingerprint that shapes and defines your true values and beliefs.


My journey started as an elite athlete at the Australia Institute of Sport, as a high diver, where I learned the foundations of leadership, personal drive, focus, the power of self-confidence and visualisation –lessons I still use today as a coach and mentor.


I also learned, “It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters.”  And YES, this applies to  personal branding! 


One of the most important parts of building your personal brand online (and off!)  is cultivating deep and meaningful connections with your key stakeholders. It’s not enough to simply build your brand, start a business, advertise your services, and expect a long line of loyal customers, clients or followers to support your growth. Today’s market looks for more beyond an aesthetic logo, pretty pictures, and empty promises. They want people, businesses and brands that understand them, connect with them and what’s important to them.


This is where your Personal Brand Story comes into play!

Your Personal Brand Story Makes You and Your Business Unique! It’s A Narrative About Who You Were, Who You Are, and Where You Want to Go

Having a personal brand story sets you apart from your competition. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner, female entrepreneur or a top female executive, having an authentic personal brand is critical to your success as a woman in leadership today.


You are the face of your business and a brand ambassador for your organisation. Your personal brand should be  relatable and aligned with your target audience’s values.  When your target market is able to connect with you and your personal brand story, they’ll be more inclined to work with you and support you as a professional or business owner. 

A Personal Brand Success Story

A Personal Brand Story Gives Depth to Your Core Values and Passions. It Gives a Human Element to Your Brand and Business


Your personal brand story is the foundation of your personal brand. It should narrate how you became the person you are now and how your journey has shaped your values, passions, purpose, and vision. 


It is MORE than just a quick bio or introduction you add to your professional CV or Linkedin profile. It is a deep dive into your leadership and executive development –the stories, challenges, triumphs and lessons you have learned that have shaped the way you do business and the values you honour.


When you provide a compelling and authentic personal brand story, you can evoke a stronger emotional response from your target audience that can be the beginning of a genuine relationship.


For example, you can tell people that you value diversity and community (just like a million other people and brands out there), or you can express why these things matter to you and align with your purpose by sharing stories, anecdotes and real-life experiences to relate to your target audience


Your purpose is something that you discover over time and it is super valuable to shaping a meaningful, authentic personal brand and business that connects and resonates with your target audience.


By adding personal stories and experiences as part of your personal brand development  you paint a clearer picture of who you are, what you stand for,  and how you can uniquely  serve your clients, customers and followers.   It expresses more than just your products and services, it shows people you are part of something bigger; that you care and can empathise and relate to them in a deeper, more emotionally connected way. 

pretty lady sending hearts to get people love image and brand

Build Authentic Relationships with Your Target Audience by Understanding Their Values and Needs


Crafting a relatable and meaningful brand story means understanding your target audience‘s emotional needs. Your job is to take them from where they are now, to where they want to be!  Not just in a business sense by offering professional services and performance results, but also addressing their stresses, anxiety, frustration, or the overwhelm they may be facing! 


What are their desires, dreams, and vision for success? What do they value? How are they being challenged emotionally?  How can you  address their problems and give them a better life?


By knowing your audience’s emotional state, you can respond in the most effective way to strengthen your brand and build more rewarding and profitable brand partnerships, collaborations and relationships. The more effective you are at listening to their needs, the more you’ll be able to provide the best service. This open dialogue allows you to build a lasting and authentic relationship with your target audience, clients, customers or stakeholders.

Share Your Personal Brand Story with Inspiring and Influential Women in Business! I’ll Help You Connect and Build Relationships with Women Who Will Support Your Growth and Journey.


Building your personal brand online is the fastest way to grow your authority and recognition as a leader in your field.   As one of Australia’s leading personal branding coaches and mentors, I coach small business owners, top female executives and female entrepreneurs to build powerful personal brands they can profit from.

I have worked with many women in leadership who now use their personal brand stories to connect with clients and customers to grow their brand  and businesses and take their career to the next level.

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Steps To Reboot Your Personal Brand!

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