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Have you ever heard of the saying “Content marketing is king”? Well, it’s true! But the good news is you don’t need to be a journalist or media maven to make a huge impact online and generate awareness in you and your brand and image!

The first time I heard this catchphrase was about ten years ago, when most businesses, organisations, and industry leaders had little knowledge or expertise in content marketing.  

Since then almost all organizations and company brands know the power and benefits of great content marketing.  But you too (yes, I’m talking to you) can build a strong personal brand and image, amplify your voice and widen your personal impact and influence with a little tenacity and knowledge about content marketing.


In this blog. I will share with you:

  • What is content marketing and what it means for you as a female leader
  • The secret to amplifying your personal brand, growing your authority and emotionally connecting with your audience (so they turn into raving fans!)
  • My top 5 tips to the kind of content you should actually produce to build your brand and business and be seen as a savvy media maven! 

So, What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a communication and marketing strategy that establishes you as a person of authority, expertise, and trust when it comes to your niche market or industry.  Being able to produce educational, uplifting or compelling insights and ideas and share them confidently with the world is a significant leadership skill you should have in your personal brand and business toolbox.


The content you produce should be a true reflection of what your personal brand and image is and who you are as an industry leader, business owner or entrepreneur. Sharing your core messages, brand values, vision, and purpose through compelling content will establish your authority as an industry leader, make a more authentic impact and set you apart from others in your field.  

But I am going one step further to tell you the secret to getting more significant cut through and connection to your audience

Emotional Content Marketing Builds Connection With Your Audience, and Get’s People to Invest in You!

How great will it feel when people, businesses, or organisations are asking YOU to speak, present, or write for them to share your expertise, ideas and insights?   

The secret?  Share not only your experience and expertise, share all of you!  Share what you think, feel and what makes you tick; where you have been and how you got here to where you are today!

Provide fresh insights and your secrets to success in stories, anecdotes and real-life experiences.  Be vulnerable, open, honest and authentic, and you will impact both the hearts and minds of your target audience. And that is what will help you attract the (right) raving fans and followers you’re looking and generate leads, engagement.

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What Kind of Content Should You Actually Produce? My Top 5 Tips to Being Seen As A Savvy Media Maven!

Now we come to the step that even the most seasoned female leaders and professionals can struggle with!  How to clearly articulate your thoughts and ideas into compelling ones that resonate with your ideal target audience? 

So, Here Are 5 Top Tips on Creating Content that Matters To Your Audience and Will Help You Make a Positive Impact. 

1. Preparation Is The Key!

Creating a content marketing strategy first will help you shape your insights in advance and do any research you may need.


 2. Talk About Solving Problems That Are Unique To Your Niche Market Or Target Audience.

There are thousands of articles, blogs and content being published online  every minute.  Your most powerful weapon as a content writer is to share valuable insights about a topic or problem that is unique to your niche market and then offer your recipe for success or solutions!


3. Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Original Ideas

One of the biggest challenges facing most female leaders is the fear of putting ourselves out there to share our voices, insights and ideas with confidence. So if this sounds like you, don’t get caught up in the frustration, overwhelm and “who am I to teach?’ syndrome.  Instead, recognise your worth and the total value you have to offer and speak your truth loud and proud!  You have years of experience and expertise and back it up with your proven success and strategies to build your authority and personal brand reputation.   You have got this!


4. Offer A New Perspective, Or New Angle On

 Nobody wants to spend their time producing content that nobody reads! That is a huge demotivator.  But guess what?  Likewise, nobody wants to read content that they’ve read time and time again!   

The reason most people don’t get traction with their content is because they are saying all the same things as others in their field, without offering something new or insightful. Differentiate yourself from others in your field by taking a balcony view and contributing to the bigger conversation,  offering new perspectives, discussion points and content that will set you apart from your competition and see you show up as a valued voice.   

You will also keep your target audience more engaged and excited!


5. Choose Timely Content that Resonates with Your Target Audience

Old news is well…old news!  People won’t care about your perfectly articulated content if you’re talking about something that’s old news. Timeliness is the name of the game if you want to produce content with high reach and engagement.  Your target audience is looking to you as a credible source and authority. Therefore your content should be a reflection of this. Your target audience comes to you with an expectation, whether that’s to gain knowledge, be updated within the industry, or for motivation and insight.

What Kind of Content Should You Actually Produce

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