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It’s no secret that building your personal brand can be a daunting task. With everything you have to build and develop, you can’t help but pay attention to every detail and make it perfect! 

It’s totally normal to feel this way! After all, you’re trying to build the best personal brand experience you can to engage and connect to your target audience.

But here’s the thing…

Too much perfection can hold your brand back! 

You mustn’t get so stuck perfecting your brand’s every little detail that you lose sight of accomplishing your goals and reaching your full leadership potential.

Your Personal Brand Is Not Set In Stone!

As you go along your journey in building your personal brand, it’s inevitable that you’ll change and grow as a person. 

You might find yourself changing your personal image, niche, shifting to a different audience, or adopting a different brand image, as a normal progression of your goals and aspirations. And that’s completely normal!  But it also means your personal brand has to adjust to represent your evolving brand identity.

If you are a top female executive, entrepreneur or business owner, you should understand that changing some parts of your personal brand is part of the brand-building process. Remember that having to pivot your personal brand messaging or refresh your image from time to time doesn’t need to negatively affect your brand’s success or worth. In fact, when done deliberately, it will strengthen it! 

This is why it’s always a good idea to join training programs, leadership development programs, maybe consider a few small business ideas to give you a grasp on your next steps for your personal brand.

Here’s my secret to communicating personal brand’s evolution effectively:

Don’t be afraid to sometimes show your imperfections, vulnerabilities and share your changes and struggles with your audience. Use real and authentic communication to create a deeper bond with your potential clients. Show them what makes you human! These days, people are so tired of well-scripted blog posts and edited photos. They are too perfect!  People crave for a more authentic connection.

Some people might think that this will depreciate your brand equity, but from my experience, it is a way to develop a more authentic personal brand that your audience will appreciate and love!

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Reboot Your Brand And Image Workbook

Get Your Copy: 7 Steps to Reboot Your Personal Brand Worksheet

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Fact…You Don’t Have To Please Everyone!

Truth be told, not everyone will like your brand, no matter how hard you try!

And that’s completely okay!

When starting a business, it’s important to remember that the goal isn’t to please everyone or to be perfect but to create a brand that serves a greater purpose.

At the end of the day, you have to know whose opinion matters and who doesn’t, because pleasing everyone will get you nowhere!

Today, there is so much pressure to feel like you need to portray yourself as picture-perfect, especially when some of the most successful social media influencers are mostly showing ‘fake’ realities.  

Don’t bow to the pressure feeling you need to compete with unrealistic brand images and lifestyle choices.  Instead, celebrate what makes you unique because the truth is people are craving real people! 

Your personal brand isn’t supposed to be perfect after all—it must speak of your vulnerability and truth!

Take off your mask, and don’t be afraid to unravel the whole you to your potential customers. Be open about your unique brand story, and don’t be afraid to share the lessons you’ve learned that will make you valuable. Most of all, develop a distinct brand voice that will make you attractive. 

Your personal brand is a constant process of self-discovery!

What matters is building a personal brand that is authentic to you and provides a product or service that helps your target audience.  No matter how big or small its audience may be, your personal brand must give you and your audience a sense of purpose. 

I promise you that everything else will follow! 

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The Perfect Way To Reach Peak Performance 

It’s essential to have a vision of exactly how you want your personal brand to look, feel, and be perceived by others, but don’t let your dream of brand perfection stop you from achieving your goals!

If you want to be a world champion athlete, you must start with the small steps—perfect those first few steps and then work your way to the top!

The same applies to  building a personal brand. Your progress towards becoming an influential and successful brand isn’t linear, and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight! 

Create a big picture of what you want your personal brand to achieve, and break it down into short term and long term goals. Prioritize these goals by timeline, and make sure you stay accountable!

Start working on your leadership skills, craft your business plan and consult your brand and business coach if you need to.

Once you have laid out your plans, you have to accept that you may not see “perfect” results instantly. 

Because to achieve success, it takes time, persistence, and repetition. You will never reach peak performance if you keep dreaming of perfection but hold yourself back from the actual ‘doing’!

Slow, consistent, and steady wins the race!

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