Members' Resource: 7 Steps to Reboot Your Personal Brand

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Get Yours!

Do you want to stand out from your competitors in an instant?  Be seen as the go-to person of choice in your industry so you can be paid the big bucks?  

Then listen up!  There are ways you can successfully build your personal brand and business without having a meltdown or the nightmare of spending thousands of dollars on self promotion or advertising!

In today’s hyper-competitive professional landscape, it is becoming more and more difficult for us to attract business, create high-profile leadership opportunities, and connect with our ideal target audience, customer or client, than ever before.  

Whether you’re starting a business, leadership role or looking for your next career opportunity the simple truth is you must be ready to compete with other experienced industry experts and thought leaders who have already built their personal brand online, established their personal brand reputations, authority and influence.

Competing for greater recognition and authority as a female leader in your field can be downright daunting. It takes courage, consistency and commitment.  But with a few simple (but powerful)  personal brand and marketing strategies, you can start building your personal brand, growing your confidence and start attracting successful business opportunities to you rather than having to chase them yourself!   


Building a brand, carving out a niche and connecting with your target audience can be a challenging prospect for many women in business. I get it as I have been right where you are now! 

But, trust me, whether you’re a small business owner, starting a business or a top female executive, if you commit to building your personal brand you will not only make a greater impact – but your confidence will skyrocket too!

As an image and brand consultant for women, I have unlocked a few  simple success strategies to help you develop a personal brand that will set you apart and better Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Noticed as a more empowered female leader in your niche market or industry! 

How great will it feel when you begin attracting potential clients just by building a strong personal brand and image that positions you as the leader of choice in your niche market or industry? Here’s how!

1. Carve Out Your Niche and Know Your Target Audience


If you’ve been trying everything to be seen, be heard and be noticed as an industry leader, then maybe it’s time to dig deeper into the reasons why you aren’t getting the recognition you desire.

One of the biggest mistakes that most professionals make is wasting time trying to be all things to all people!  This is a sure-fire way to get lost in the crowd and dilute the power of your personal brand! To maximise your brand awareness and attract the most profitable opportunities, you must identify the people, businesses, organisations or customers you can best serve (your ideal target audience) and forget the rest!

Knowing your audience will help you position yourself with greater influence and impact and ensure that your personal brand messaging is on point. You will connect more deeply with your clients, customers or stakeholders to influence their decisions and transform the way people think, feel and act!

You will have the potential to reach more customers, clients or followers to build your brand more significantly as a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

Members' Resource: 7 Steps to Reboot Your Personal Brand Worksheet

Get Yours
Get Yours

2. Reveal Your  Personal Brand Superpowers 


Superpowers?  What superpowers?  Yes, you heard me right!  We all have talents that are unique and valuable to others!

So it’s important to understand what special qualities and values YOU can bring to the table. What makes you and your personal brand unique and different from all others? What are the experiences, insights, ideas and ‘gifts’ that make you memorable and can distinguish you from others in your niche market or industry?   

Identify your unique strengths and explore ways you can better share them with your target audience and can incorporate these superpowers into building your personal brand, career or business.

The more unique, distinct, and valuable your superpowers are, the more they will elevate your personal brand, grow your business, and expand your leadership and career opportunities.

3. Be Fearless! Create a Strong Personal Brand Story and Craft Your Thought Leadership. 


What is your personal brand story? Build your brand messaging, brand identity and image through meaningful and relatable storytelling. Be fearless in sharing how you began your career, the lessons you have learned, and your successes, challenges (and failures) that have shaped you into the woman you are today.

Your unique story  is essential to building your personal brand because it’s the essence of who you are as a person, a professional, and a leader, what you stand for and what matters to you.

Sharing your values, passions, and purpose is a brave act!  But it will pay off and elevate your brand to the next level. Crafting a compelling brand narrative builds connection with your target audience and brings an authenticity to your brand that some people and businesses lack.

The personal touches of your brand story make you unique, memorable and more human! You will step out from behind your job title or position to claim your space and take ownership of your brand.    

Becoming an accomplished story teller will help you shift from industry expert to influence and thought leader!  

Build A Voice For Your Brand and Business

 4. Build Your Visual Brand and Image, Savvy Marketing Strategies and Key Brand Messages.  


Did you know that people decide whether they want to do business with you after meeting you for the first time in less than 3 seconds?  That is amplified to two-tenths of a second when they see your brand or image online!

Sound scary?  Hell yeah!  But it doesn’t have to be!

Most professionals forget about building their personal brand’s visual identity and creating their signature brand messages, taglines, and other personal brand marketing strategies. But just as successful businesses have a logo and a tagline, so must you! After all, YOU are the walking logo for your personal brand!  

And with that in mind, you’ll need to create a few visual brand basics of your own if you really want to stand out from the crowd! 

You will be perceived as more credible, established, and having more authority in your field with a few simple visual branding elements, a strong image, and personal brand positioning statements. Plus you will let people instantly know who you are and what you stand for without saying a word!  

Whew! Now that sounds better!  Here’s how you can get started on strengthening your brand so it is more striking and extraordinary.



  • Personal Website →  This is one of the best ways to carve out your niche and own your space as a leader in your field. Creating a ‘home base’ to showcase who you are, what you stand for and share your insights and ideas will help you build your personal brand online and grow your image and brand to the next level.  Even if you work for an organisation, you can still build your brand presence with a personal website to increase your authority and leadership potential and optimise your online profile, increase your influence and enable search engines to find you over your competitors!


  • TaglineA memorable, impactful personal brand identity  catch phrase you can add to your professional profile, attach to your logo, content, products, and resources that represents who you are and what you stand for.


  • Brand StatementYour personal brand’s core message that should align with your passion, purpose and vision in one simple statement



  • Strong Visual Branding ElementsCreate your own “look” and “feel” to elevate your image and brand to the next level! Invest in professional personal branding photos for your personal website, blog, and business. Remember to align the visual brand with your own personal style and message. Consistency is the key!  


  • Personal Brand LogoHaving a personal brand logo, whether it’s an icon, a typeface, or a monogram elevates your brand to a whole new professional level and is a powerful visual statement about you. It’s essentially you taking ownership of who you are and how you want to show up in the world without saying a word!


By mastering these simple but powerful marketing strategies and visual branding tips, you will position yourself at the top of the market, building a brand and image that will instantly put you ahead of the pack. 

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